About Us

Who We Are

I am a Leather smith who designs and creates products crafted from all kinds of leather. All items are born in my workshop where they begin their life as hand drawn sketches. all items are crafted by hand on a made to order basis which allows me to keep the quality of workmanship to an extremely high standard.

With each item cut, dyed, stitched and finished by hand you can be rest assured that your item is given the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that your item is unique.

I am a firm believer that if something is to be done, it should be done properly, and as such I use traditional methods and techniques when creating my products, which means no machines are used. Everything is done by hand including the stitching, which on some products can take a considerable amount of time.

Rishir Patel

Founder - Designer - Crafter

Best Quality

We only use the highest quality of tanned leather, taking months to prepare and create your unique items.


Our personalised products are unique to the individual, reflecting their personality and style.

Secure Payments

We use Paypal and stripe payments so you can pay with ease and security.