Bespoke Leather Braces

The bottom line is that I gave Rishir a difficult task and he came through with an excellent final product, clearly demonstrating his craft and skill with leather. 

The best way to explain this is to tell a short story. 

About thirty years ago, I purchased a set of leather braces with a beautiful engravement on it. I loved these braces, they soon became my favourite pair (and I have about 30 pairs!!!) Part of what made these special was the thinness of the leather and the simplicity of the ancillary items such as the buckle. But above all was the elegant and detailed pattern embossed on the surface. Alas, after twenty years they finally wore out and for the next 10 years I spent searching for a replacement and nothing came close. I even carried the carcass to craft fairs, and no one wanted to attempt to make my replacement (One person informed me, quite rudely actually, that HE no longer MADE leather objects instead he purchased them from China.) I had almost given up when I met Rishir. Not only did he take up the challenge (HE actually worked in leather!) but he put up with my thinking about every step of the design.

However, as I soon discovered he really knew his craft and he always had a valid explanation for his recommendation . After over a year of going back and forth, Rishir was given the go ahead and the result is nothing short of amazing – the attention to detail, the finish, the colour ….everything was perfect….exactly what I had been searching over the prior 10 years- dare I say even better than the original!!!!. Further, given the quality of the work I am very pleased with the value of the final product.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Rishir enough.