Product Customisation


Vegetable tanned leather is beautiful. It has character and personality.

Italian leather is considered among the best in the world and as such the majority of our products are made of either Buttero from the Walpier tannery or Pueblo from the Badalassi Carlo tannery, both of which are based in Tuscany region of Italy. For some of our other pieces and upon request we use natural veg tanned leather which is then dyed by hand, conditioned with oil and sealed for protection.

When each piece is dyed, what you get is an item that is one of a kind and once you have choosen the perfect colour, you have an item which is unique to you. No two items are ever the same, the dye takes to the leather differently with each piece so there will not be another like it anywhere in the world.

Bear in mind that the examples provided are not an exact representation of the colour as each piece of leather will dye very differently to another.

Please use the images as a reference of what each colour will be with variance.

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Traditionally, leather is stitched with linen thread, however for strength and longevity of the item, we use braided polyester thread witch is then waxed. Available in a range of colours.

more colours and Linen threads are available on request.

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Edge Details

Edge Finishes can be finished in a variaty of ways, the most common with artisans is a natural finish using a polishing agent or natural beeswax.

We offer a number of options so that you can customize the look of your item.

From left to right:

Brown  |  Black  |  Beeswax  |  Natural  |  Dark Blue  |  Blue  |  Teal Blue |  Green  |  Purple  |  Red  |  Orange  |  Yellow  |  Cream

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Best Quality

We only use the highest quality of tanned leather, taking months to prepare and create your unique items.


Our personalised products are unique to the individual, reflecting their personality and style.

Secure Payments

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